2022 Seminars

FALL 2022 Schedule

SEPTEMBER 12: Talal Khalid, Managed Charging Solution to Reduce the Costs of Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Facilities, Abstract | Video
SEPTEMBER 19: Temitope Amuda, Power Flow Modelling for Inverter-Based Power System, Abstract | Video
OCTOBER 3: Josh Feldman, Impregnation of Superconducting Magnets: A Review, Abstract | Video
OCTOBER 10: Yoav Sharon, Manager – Power System Control, S&C Electric Company, Graph-Theoretic Techniques to Determine Fault Location and Service Restoration in Distribution Networks, Abstract
OCTOBER 17: Hugo Villegas Pico, Iowa State University, Advances to the Positive-Sequence Simulation and Control of Grid-forming PV Power Plants, Abstract | Video
OCTOBER 24: Furkan Karakaya, On-state Resistance as an Age Tracking Precursor for SiC MOSFETs and Anuj Maheshwari, Modeling and Design of an LLC Resonant Converter for a Wide Voltage Conversion Ratio, Abstract | Video
OCTOBER 31: T.G. Roberts, Secondary Frequency and Voltage Control in Microgrids with dVOC Inverters, Abstract | Video
NOVEMBER 7: Anubhav Bose, System-Level Optimization of Electric Machines for Aircraft Propulsion Systems,
and Peter Xiao, Update on the Spoke Suspension System Manufacturing, Abstract | Video
NOVEMBER 14: Arjit Bali, Optimal Inverter Topologies for High-Frequency Low-Inductance Motors, and Aria Delmar, A Novel Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Converter Design, Abstract | Video
NOVEMBER 28: Debranjan Mukherjee, A DC-Grid Interface for Wind Energy Systems, Abstract |Video
DECEMBER 5: Ian P. Brown, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Wound Field Synchronous Machines for Electric Vehicle Traction, Abstract | Video

SPRING 2022 Schedule

FEBRUARY 22: Siddhartha Nigam, Verification and Validation of Microgrid Control Architectures on a Controller Hardware in the Loop Testbed  | Video
MARCH 21: Bonhyun Ku, Control Architecture of a Distributed Actuator System for a Bio-Inspired Spine and Elie Libbos, Design of an 18-Phase Inverter Drivetrain for a Variable-pole Induction Machine in Electric Vehicles  | Video
MARCH 28: Anubhav Bose, Optimal Network Voltage Selection for All-Electric Aircraft Propulsion Systems | Video
APRIL 4: Peter Xiao, Vibration Analysis of the Spoke-Supported, Superconducting Rotor and Josh Feldman, Design Study of a Liquid Hydrogen Heat Exchanger for a Superconducting Motor  | Video
APRIL 11: Macks Johanesen,Design of a Single-Phase Inverter With Optimal Reactive Power Support
and Mingrui Zhu, Analysis and Design of Supercapacitor-based Pulse De-icing in Solar Panel Applications  | Video
APRIL 18: Kristen Booth, Asst. Professor, University of South Carolina, Magnetic Components: The Bottleneck of Power Electronics Design | Video
APRIL 25: Dr. Pallab Midya, President, ADX Research, Power System Architect, Menlo Micro, The Ideal Switch | Video
MAY 2: Gavin Zhang and Hong-Ming Chiu, On The Efficient Algorithm for Analyzing Transient Stability of Large-Scale Power Systems