The ECE 590 I Seminars are held every Monday during the semester from 3 – 3:50 pm in ECEB 4070. Click here to sign up for seminar email notifications!

Seminar Archives

FALL 2023 Schedule

AUGUST 28: Abhiroop Chattopadhyay, Contextualized Decision Making in Rural Electrical Infrastructure Design – A Navajo Nation Case Study, Abstract | Video
SEPTEMBER 11: PECI | IEEE Chapter Meeting
SEPTEMBER 18: Aria Delmar
SEPTEMBER 25:  Talal Khalid
OCTOBER 2: Industry
OCTOBER 9: “Ideas” Session
OCTOBER 16: Arjit Bali |Raya Mahony
OCTOBER 23: Iven Guzel
OCTOBER 30: Tg Roberts | Boya Hou
NOVEMBER 6: Anubhav Bose | Peter Xiao
NOVEMBER 13: Nicole Stokowski
NOVEMBER 27: Josh Feldman
DECEMBER 4: Brian Wolhaupter

SPRING 2023 Schedule

JANUARY 30: Anubhav Bose – Engineering Open House
FEBRUARY 6: Career Day
FEBRUARY 13: Sang Gang and Eric Hope – Sargent and Lundy, Transmission Planning And Power System Studies Overview, Abstract
MARCH 6: Prof. Phil Krein, A Discussion of Industry Careers for Graduate Candidates, and The 90% Energy Challenge for Passenger Electric Vehicles, Abstract | Video
MARCH 20: Anubhav Bose, Investigating High-Specific-Power & High-Efficiency Electric Machine Designs for Aircraft Propulsion, Abstract | Video
MARCH 27: Arjit Bali, Investigating Optimal Inverter Topologies For High-Frequency Low-Inductance Motors, and Aria Delmar, Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Converters for Data Center Power Delivery, Abstract | Video
APRIL 3: Hong-Ming Chiu, Neural Network Certification via the Use of Nonconvex Low-Rank Semidefinite Relaxations, Abstract | Video
APRIL 10: Peter Xiao, Cryogen-free Superconducting Machine Testing Developments, Abstract | Video
APRIL 17: Kai Van Horn, Senior Consultant, Brattle Group, The Value of Geographic Diversification in Renewable Generation through Transmission Expansion, Abstract
APRIL 24: Dr. Fei Gao, Professor, University of Technology of Belfort-Montbeliard, Digital Twins for Modern Power Electronics, Abstract
MAY 1: Elie Libbos, Design and Control of a Converter-Integrated Variable-Pole Induction Machine Drive for Electric Vehicles, Abstract