The ECE 590 I Seminars are held every Monday during the semester from 3 – 3:50 pm in ECEB 4070. Click here to sign up for seminar email notifications!

Seminar Archives

SPRING 2024 Schedule

FEBRUARY 5: Ulas Coskun
FEBRUARY 12: Aria Delmar, “Current-Sourced Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Converter for Data Center Power Delivery,” and Arjit Bali, “Optimal Inverter Topology for Motor Drives,” Abstract
FEBRUARY 19: Iven Guzel, “Power System State Estimation via Phase Synchronization,” and Gavin Zhang, “Fast Local Optimization with Global Optimality Certification, with Applications to Power State Estimation,” Abstract
MARCH 4: Peter Xiao, “Thermally Insulative Torque Transmission for Superconducting Machines,” Abstract
MARCH 11: Spring Break
MARCH 18: Raya Mahony, “An Infrastructure Metering Solution for 95% of Daily Passenger Electric Vehicle Charging,” Abstract
MARCH 25: Talal Khalid, “Alternatives to Maximum-Demand Charges for Electric Vehicle Charging: A Historical Perspective,” Abstract
APRIL 1: Xuan Wei, Visiting Scholar, Zhejiang University/University of Illinois Institute (ZJUI), “Capacitive Power Transfer,” Abstract
APRIL 8: Cancelled
APRIL 15: Simona Sabatino, “Advanced Li-ion Battery Management System,” and Zhuoran Han, “Diamond Power Electronics for Next Generation Power Grid,” Abstract
APRIL 22: Anuj Maheshwari, “Control Architecture for Full-Bridge LLC Series Resonant Converters Using Output Diode Current,” and  Temitope Amuda, “A Data-Driven Voltage Regulation Framework for Power Distribution Systems,” Abstract
APRIL 29: Soumil Chaubal, ” Continuously-Variable-Pole Induction Machine Drive for Electric Vehicles,”| Jason Paximadas, “A Composite Converter Architecture for Wind Energy Systems Connected to AC Grid,” and Ethan Williams, “Closed-Loop Control for Heterogeneous Power Systems,” Abstract