2017 Seminars

January 23: Prof. José Cobos , Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Chair of the “Industrial Council @ CEI”,  Power Electronics @ CEI-UPMThe Industrial Council and the Little Box Challenge

January 30: Joseph Liu, On-Chip Hybrid Dickson Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter

February 6: Yue Cao, Mitigating Power Systems Variability in More Electric Aircraft Utilizing Power Electronics Implemented Dynamic Thermal Storage

February 13: Nate Pallo, Hardware-in-the-Loop Co-Design Testbed for Flying Capacitor Multilevel Converters

February 20: Bob Koonce, Principal Officer, High Reliability Group, LLC, The Intersection of Engineering and Business

February 27: Asst. Prof. Arijit Banerjee, Switched-Doubly-fed Machine Drive for High Power Applications

March 6: Dr. Martin Schlecht, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President SynQor, High Quality and Reliability: It’s Good for Your Business

March 13: Zichao Ye, Design and Implementation of a Low-cost and Compact Floating Gate Drive Power Supply Circuit for GaN-based Flying Capacitor Multi-Level Converters and Kaiqing Zhang, On The Value of Communication Links in Voltage-var Control forDistribution Networks: A Game Theoretic Perspective

March 27: Zitao Liao, High Step-up Flying Capacitor Multilevel Converters

April 3: Yizhe Zhang, A Series-Stacked Architecture for High-Efficiency Data Center Power Delivery and Matt Feddersen, AC Loss in Fully Superconducting Machines

April 17: Dipanjan Das, Light Load Efficiency Improvement of Non-Isolated Differential Power Processing Converters and Desiree Phillips, Analyzing the Dependency of Electric Generation on Water

April 24: Reed Sanchez, Mechanical Validation of High Power Density External Cantilevered Rotor and Phuc Huynh, Impulse Response Estimation using Ambient Synchrophasor Data

May 1: Jason Galtieri, Solar Variability Reduction Using Off-Maximum Power Point Tracking and Energy Storage Systems and Kathleen Gegner, Phasor Measurement Unit Data Visualization and Their Role in Improving Operation of the Electric Grid

September 11: Zak Sorchini, Group LeaderUnited Technologies (UTC) Research Center, Power Electronics Technology at United Technologies Corporation

September 18: David Loder, Electrical Design Engineer, LibertyWorks, and Michael Armstrong, Ph.D., Vision Systems Lead, LibertyWorks, Turbo-electric Propulsion at Rolls-Royce

September 25: Yizhe Zhang, A Series-Stacked Architecture with 4-to-1 GaN-Based Isolated Converters for High-Efficiency Data Center Power Delivery and Derek Chou, A Zero-Voltage Switching, Physically Flexible Multilevel GaN DC-DC Converter

October 2: Khaled Mohammed Alshehri, Cash-Settled Options for Wholesale Electricity Markets

October 9: Austin Jin, Lijun Zheng, Nate Renner, Jackson Lenz, and Chris Barth, High Frequency, High Specific Power Electric Machines

October 16: Hyungjin Choi, Quantification of Uncertainty in Power Systems and Mariola Ndrio, Resource Adequacy in Grids with Deepening Penetrations of Integrated Renewable Resources

October 23: Nathan Pallo, Electrically Thin Approach to Switching Cell Design for Flying Capacitor Multilevel Converters

October 30: Andrew Stillwell, A 1 kV Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with 650 V GaN Transistors for Hybrid Electric Transportation

November 6: Zitao Liao, Design Constraints and Optimization of Series-Stacked Energy Decoupling Buffers in Single-Phase Converters

November 13: Phuc Huynh,A Mw Scale Ac-Dc Conversion System With 50% Active Power Processing

November 27: Bonhyun Ku, Electromagnetic-System-Based Snake Robot Design

December 11: Joseph Liu and Pei Han Ng, A 97% Peak Efficiency Three-Level Boost Converter integrated with High-Q-Density 3D Microtube Inductor